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Shopify tricks

Shopify tricks and tips:

Hi dear,
Are you a e-commerce website owner? Are you a dropshipper? Are tired from all this money wasted in fb ads before getting a single sale? Do you want to know how to get sales in Shopify without spending money in paid ads?

If yes, so okay you are in the right place cause in this article we will show you how to get sales in you Shopify store without starting any kind of paid advertisement.

How to run a free ad for your store and what is the benefits? 

A lot of dropshippers use Shopify to start the dropshipping or the E-commerce business, but the problem it's that with Shopify you can't get organic sales without promoting your store.
For example with the Woocommerce + Wordpress, you can get some organic traffic using SEO for your wordpress website = sales using the Woocommerce!

And with Ebay or Amazon you can get some sales from the store visitors if they search for a nighe product cause your product can appear on the search term.

But with Shopify it's hard to get any extra sale without doing a self-promotion for your Shopify store!

So this is why the majority of the dropshippers start testing the products using the Fb ads...
But running advertisement cost a lot of money before getting any results or finding the winner product who bring the sales.

So this is why you have to start doing some free promotion before doing a paid one.

Shopify tricks: How to get your first sale in Shopify with free traffic? The best Shopify tips!

1/ Shopify tricks #1: Create a SEO website for your store:

Starting a Wordpress website for dropshipping don't mean always you will use the Woocommerce plugin for that but you can also start a website for your Shopify store by doing reviews for your store products.

2/ Shopify tricks #2: Be engaged in forums in your niche:

For example if you have a store fashion, and you sell some women clothes and you see someone in the forum ask to get suggestions for some stores to buy this kind of products, here is a super targeted visitoe so you can reply with something like:

" Hey!
I think this store is the right place to buy those products, I bought some products from them and they have a good shipping time, nice support, and high quality products.
Very recommended!!
All the best. "

As you can see I'm not saying hey it's my store!! Cause they will be afraid from buying a product from some self-promotion store cause everyone will say "My store is the best" and you can't trust them all so you have to act like a reviewer so they think you are using this store and because you like you recommend it to others.

3/ Shopify tricks #3: Use Reddit:

If you understand the previous idea of acting like a buyer and not the store owner, so you need to master it before starting this method.

Cause Reddit users are from the most intelligent users in all the social communities, and they wont accept any kind of self promotion.

But if you know how to act like some who suggest a product you can get hundreds of sales without spending any dollar in paid ads because Reddit get millions of visitors every day.

How to sale my product using Reddit?

Register to Reddit and do research for the small subreddits who are related to your niche.

And try to post a text post (not a link) and suggest to them your product and act like someone who love this product...

Notice: stay away from the big subreddits because your post wont appear and you can't get a big reach in this big competition unless you have an old account with a big amount of Karma (some points collected in Reddit when people upvote your posts) and you get some paid upvote for your post.

4/ Shopify tricks #4: Use instagram:

Growing an Instagram account for your Store is one of the best idea to get extra sales cause if you have a big amount of followers so you can engage with them and get free targeted traffic to your products every single day without paying anything.

5/ Shopify tricks #5: Build an email list:

Building an email list is the best idea to get sales for long term, if you are not building any list be sure you are wasting a big amount of money and you can remmember the famous quore for every successful webmarketer
" The money in the list "

6/ Shopify tricks #6: The user experience:

Try to choose the right design for your store and to have a good support for users, and when someone buy something from your store be sure you ship it to him fast and you send an email to him in every part of the shipping.

Cause if they love your service they will remmember your store and they will buy another time from you!

For example if you like this article and find it helpful I'm sure you will visit us another time to see our new articles...


Notice: be sure you domain is a simple domain! Make it short and simple to remmember it!

This is all the methods available now so if you want more just discover our site every single day cause we always post amazing methods and tricks for dropshipping and e-commerce.

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